Little bulbul at my window
To what purpose are you singing?
Can’t you hear the noise and clamour?
Can’t you sense the disaccord?
Who, amid this blare, will ever
Hear your gentle, mellow tunes
~ from ‘Bulbul’ by Saleh Badrah

The White Headed Black Bulbul cushion creates iridescent possibilities for your decor. Rooted in the natural world, the mesmerizing print will breathe a freshness into your room. Place them strategically upon your seating to get the full effect.

For an alternative look, flip the cushion over for a trendy geometric pattern has a refined-punk, edgy chic.

55 x 55 cm square

Cotton Velvet Outer

Duck Feather Pad

Dry Clean Only

Our bird-inspired cushions are made of the highest quality velvet that gets softer with use. And what’s fun is that you can give your room a complete makeover just be reversing the cushions, as the front and reverse have very different styles. And did we mention comfort? Stuffed with a duck feather pad, sink back into our square cushions for pure comfort.