I saw this beautiful bird-like creature;
So unique, it’s feathers form a fan-like feature.
I was surprised at the joy this brought,
As my eyes just focused on this peacock.
I was in a trance; feeling an aura around me;
A vision forever to be in my memory!
~ from ‘3 Short Peacock Poems’ by Jamie Lynn Ball

Close your eyes and imagine the call of the peacock on the sand dunes of the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. And once you open them, you’re confronted by arguably the most gorgeous bird that nature has given us.

The glorious hues of the Indian Peafowl, a proud royal Rajasthani bird that’s featured in so many Indian miniature paintings have inspired this decorative velvet cushion cover.

The metallic colours of the Indian national bird’s tail feathers as well as the less vibrant feathers found under its wing have been blended to create a unique pattern that’s sure to add pizzazz to your sofa.

35 x 55 cm Rectangle

Cotton Velvet Outer

Duck Feather Pad

Dry Clean Only

Our bird-inspired cushions are made of the highest quality velvet that gets softer with use. And what’s fun is that you can give your room a complete makeover just be reversing the cushions, as the front and reverse have very different styles. And did we mention comfort? Stuffed with a duck feather pad, sink back into our rectangular cushions for good lumbar support.