Nature’s Design & Colour

Born under an Earth sign, nature has been a constant source of design inspiration through my life. I spent my younger years as a geologist looking (and digging) down, but as I matured (and a double chin began to make an appearance), it was time to change focus and start looking upward.

I found inspiration in the beauty and diversity of birds’ plumage for my new career in design. My prints are influenced entirely by the combination of colours of particular bird species. The fashion collection is feather-light and designed to be worn in warmer climates.

Velvet is the preferred fabric for my interiors products. I’ve had a lifelong love for velvet as my family were the first to manufacture the fabric in India, and our home furnishings always came from the factory.

A heightened interest in birds naturally evolved. As a result, I discovered the true extent to which bird populations have been in decline.  This led to my partnering with BirdLife International of Cambridge, UK to help fund bird conservation.

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